Friday, October 5, 2007


Welcome to Photo Fryday my new photo blog. I started in the blogoshpere a little over a year ago with my knitting blog and it has been a lot of fun and I have met many wonderful people. I also love photography and have been enjoying the opportunity to share my photos in combination with my knitting. But I find I have more photos than I can reasonably post on Res Ipsa and many of them don't relate to knitting at all. So please join me every Friday for a new photo on Photo Fryday. If this works out - maybe I'll see you on other days as well. Feel free to leave me comments as I love to hear from you.

This photo is of the trunk of my neighbor's redwood tree. I love the way the bark is so unique and there are so many different colors at play. I heard that redwood trees have to exist in groves as their roots are very short and so if there are several trees the roots intertwine and the trees support one another and remain stable. If there aren't other trees for them to connect with, a redwood tree is very much at danger of falling down. I think it is so amazing that these enormous beauties rely on one another for support.


Bonnie D. said...

Wanted to be the first to say howdy on your brand spanking new blog! Looking forward to more of your awesome photos! I envy your photography skills so much.

I'm busy knitting said...

Great title...I love it, especially since I teach 'fonicks' to 2nd graders. LOL I do think you meant Fry as in the last day of the week, being fried, burnt out etc. Sorry to go all psychoanal on you.

smariek said...

Howdy neighbor, didn't realize you were in Palo Alto, I'm just south of you in Sunnyvale. Love the rainbow of colors. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos, you obviously have that photographer's "eye".