Friday, October 12, 2007

Right in Front of my Face

I have lived in my town for over 9 years now and only recently notice the tower of a local church. For many years I have driven by it unaware of its stunning beauty. Then one day I supposed the sun was shining just right and I noticed it. After that I couldn't miss it. Every day when I drove by I would marvel at how beautiful it was. Finally one day I pulled over and took some photos. It's funny actually. When you travel you are constantly visiting and photographing the churches of your destination but why is it that we often fail to notice the awe of the churches at home? I realize that most US churches are not as amazing as their European breathern but there are many amazing churches in the US and I'm am merely sharing the beauty of one of them with you today.

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smariek said...

Very nice. I've lived in the SFBA all my life and am sometimes surprised by tourists or new transplants pointing out something I hadn't noticed before.